Kshitiz Sharma

I am a senior coffee to code converter and devops enthusiast. I’ve worked for over eleven years on enterprise Java development with a focus on DevOps, and the Spring ecosystem.

Embracing laziness as a virtue, and combining it with DRY (don’t repeat yourself), I often create tools and utilities to automate my workflow. You can find these on Github.

If you’re wondering how to pronounce my first name, it goes like “Cheers! 'Tis the season.” (Sanskrit for the horizon) Although I much prefer being called Agent K.

When not writing software, I’m either playing with my daughter, cooking or watching funny cat videos.

Open Source

Literate programming framework for Shell Scripts

Mars Notebooks are to Shell scripts, what Jupyter Notebooks are to Python scripts.

Shell scripts are easy to write, nearly impossible to read later.

Mars Notebooks provide a way to write shell scripts that are still decipherable six months after you’ve written them.